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Children's Glue 120ml (by Galt)



Sometimes you just need to stick some stuff. However, this glue can do a lot more; dilute down with water and you can use it to glaze painted creations, what's more you can mix it with paint to make the paint a lot more sticky, allowing you to decorate things that the paint might have run off of otherwise (if you paint with it it also creates a kind of oil-paint look, we've even heard of people using it to create a stained glass effect on their windows).

The alternative uses don't end there! It can also be mixed with sand, sawdust, or woodchip to create a textured appearance that works well for terrain and buildings in crafting and school projects.

This pack contains 120ml of water-based PVA that can be cleaned from most fabrics and is SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN AGED 3 YEARS AND UP.