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Roll & Play



Roll & Play is a fantastic first game designed specifically for toddlers!
To play you roll the big plush cube and match the colour with one of the coloured cards provided, then you do what the card tells you. “Make a happy face,” “Moo like a cow”, all sorts!

The activities supported by Roll & Play are designed to help build your child's confidence, support their development and celebrate success. Roll & Play is a great way to introduce rules, turn taking and other features of game play whilst remaining fun and relaxed.

-Ages 18 months and up
-For 2 or more players
-Box Includes: 1 large plush cube, 48 cards with 8 in each category, storage pocket for cards and a parent’s guide.

Thinkfun also makes a lovely hide and seek game called "Hello Sunshine" which is also suitable for 18 months and up