Horrible Science, Really Rotten Experiments


10 fantastically foul experiments, many of which can be used as practical jokes: you can find out how to hide a cockroach in soap, mould your very own FAKE poo, make a puddle of vile vomit, and no rotten experiment would be complete without a dose of ghastly green slime. The box contains: a plastic stomach, some vinegar, a funnel, bicarbonate of soda, a pair of goggles, plaster of Paris, a poo mould, some paints and paintbrush (to 'decorate' your fake poo), some green food colouring, a fart pot, some glycerine soap pieces, a beaker, a microwave tray, a soap mould, a pipette, a plastic cockroach, and of course a thirty-six page 'Top Secret Lab Notebook'. SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN AGED 10 YEARS AND UP.