Large orchardtoyswhereinthewoodjigsawpuzzle

Orchard Where in the Wood?



'Where in the wood?' is a different kind of jigsaw puzzle as it provides an extra dimension of play when completed: surrounding the main image is a white border filled with pictures of various animals and items for you to spot in the picture. It's an observation game and a puzzle all in one.

The puzzle itself is made up of 150 sturdy pieces made in the UK from recycled card and is 60.5 x 41cm when completed. This puzzle is also a great way of interacting with topics that might be found in early years science education (relating to biology and the natural world).

A 150 piece puzzle can be a bit of a challenge for younger children so Orchard recommends that this puzzle for CHILDREN AGED 5 YEARS AND UP but the pieces are safety passed FOR CHILDREN AS YOUNG AS 3 YEARS so there's no reason you can't include them in the observation game portion, after the puzzle is completed (this is ideal for letting younger siblings feel included).