Large galt first mobile cot attachment wind up music high contrast images animals

*Galt, First Mobile


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A flower-shaped mobile with double-sided picture petals. On one side of the picture petals you have a selection of high contrast images to give babies who are in their very early stages something to focus on and encourage them to use their eyes to map out the shapes around them. On the other side of the picture petals you'll find some lovely colourful pictures of butterflies, birds, and bugs decorated with high contrast patterns which baby will love.

The wind-up music box that rotates the petals plays a tune as the mobile gently lulls baby to sleep. The added bonus with Galt mobiles is, though they are powered by a wind-up music box, they do have an off switch, so when baby falls asleep you don't have to risk them waking up as the music winds down, you can just shut it off straight away.