Large take n play stepney

Take-n-Play Stepney



Stepney is bubbly and enthusiastic and just generally likeable, he's old engine who's boiler has seen better days but he still enjoys helping out. In the Thomas stories Stepney helps out occasionally on the main Sodor lines but spends most of his time on the Bluebell Line (the Bluebell line is an actual railway line in real life which you can visit: The take n play Thomas range is made up of durable die-cast engines and plastic track, please note it is NOT COMPATIBLE WITH ANY WOODEN RAILWAY SYSTEMS (or with with Hornby Thomas the Tank Engine, Trackmaster Thomas, or with Mega Bloks Thomas). Though if you still have any of the 'Take Along Thomas' range (or if you've picked up some through hand-me-downs etc.) the take n play engines etc. are compatible. SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN AGED 3 YEARS AND UP.