Large brainbox teddy bears

Brainbox: Teddy Bears



Help your child boost their memory with various teddy bear images. This box is 'Level 1' which means there are no words for them to remember, just pictures so children as young as 3 years can play.

To play, the child gets 10 seconds to look at the picture side of the card, turn it over and ask them a question about the picture they've just seen to see how much they've remembered. Roll the dice to see which question to ask, or decide based on what you think the child can answer comfortably at their level. If they get it right they keep the card. You can play competitively with children (and adults) competing to get the biggest pile of cards by the end of the game.

-For Ages 3 and over
-2 or more players
-Includes 55 cards, 1 dice and 1 sand timer