Large anatomix by green board games




Get your human biology skills in order with Anatomix. Build a human body on your playing board by choosing from the skeleton, nerves, muscles and organs.

HOW TO PLAY: Compete to be the first to complete your body. Anatomix can be played on 2 different levels, one for children aged 5+ and one for 12+ so the whole family can play together. Younger players (aged 5 and up) simply flick the spinner and take or trade body bits, whilst older players answer a multiple-choice question in order to gain, swap or take a body part. What's more all questions are in English, French and Spanish so you can even add a multi-lingual element if you like. Anatomix is made from recycled materials.

Suitable for children AGED 5 AND UP but with questions included it will provide enough challenge to keep children AGED 12 AND UP interested too.