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Brainbox Maths (level 4)



Do you know your 'cube' from your 'cuboid'/ your 'ven diagram' from your 'tally chart'? This math memory game helps develop awareness of various maths concepts used at key stage 2 (P4-7 in Scotland, YR3-6 in England & Wales).

TO PLAY: Take a card and try to take in everything you see on the picture side card in just 10 seconds, then turn it over and answer a question about the picture you've just seen to see how much you've remembered (you only need to answer one question, roll the dice to see which question to ask). You can play competitively too: if someone gets their question right they keep the card so children (and adults) can compete to get the biggest pile of cards by the end of the game (average time 5-10 minutes). This game is suitable for children aged 8 and up.