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Think Fun Pathwords Jr



Help your child become a super speller with the perfectly perplexing 'Pathwords Jr.' Each of the 40 challenge cards shows a grid of letters and a list of words, use your see-through plastic panels to mark out the words shown. Words can be written an a variety of ways; backwards, forwards, bundled, or trailing around corners, and every word shown in the list will be on the grid so it's just a case of matching the clear plastic shapes with the words (that isn't to say it's easy to do). 'Pathwords Jr.' is a single player word game SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN AGED 6 YEARS AND UP. Contained in the box are: Game Grid with Storage for Puzzle Pieces, one spiral-bound booklet featuring 40 Challenges from 'Beginner' to 'Expert', and Coloured Puzzle Pieces.