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Classic Watch White/Blue Face Blue Camo Strap



The EasyRead Time Teachers watch is the ideal first watch for children age 4+. The clear face design and simple teaching method make it really easy for children to learn to tell the time. Worn every day, your child will be able to practice their new skill wherever they go.

The EasyRead 3-step teaching method leads you through the process of learning to tell the time. The clear dial carries all the information needed to learn to tell the time. The simple teaching method with the ‘minutes past & to’ face could not make reading the clock face easier.

Step 1: Read the number at the end of the long hand
Step 2: Say which side the long hand is pointing to (past or to)
Step 3: Read the number at the end of the short hand

And that's it!

This watch has clear dark numbers on the white face, with a light blue and dark blue split down the middle to make identifying the 'past' and 'to' sides easier, and a blue camo strap.

-Ages 4 plus
-33mm diameter watch with Seiko movement, stainless steel back and non-allergic plating
-Washable nylon strap with stainless steel buckle, fits wrists from 12cm to 18cm
-Splash resistant, not fully waterproof
-Battery installed