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Peppa Pig 6-in-1 Games


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A selection of 6 classic games including Lotto, memory, Dominoes, a Dice Puzzle Game (use the dice to solve the puzzle, a bit like lotto/ bingo/ or beatle drive), Happy Families, and a Peppa Pig Board Game (uses colour dice instead of number dice, making it ideal even for younger children).

This pack contains: 28 dominoes, a game board (double-sided), 32 playing cards, 24 square picture cards, 4 playing pieces with stands, 4 puzzle pictures (6 pieces each), 10 character counters and one coloured dice

Suitable for 1-4 players aged 3 years and up (using the dice one child can play a selection of the games as solo challenges)

Made by Ravensburger using a strong, premium-grade card stock.