Large plyt plight maths game provent o improve numeracy suitable for children aged 4 four and up levels for adults

-Sale PLYT Board Game



You are not as good at times tables as you think you are! On the easiest setting this game lets you practice one times-table at a time (meaning kids as young as four can have a go) but then there's the hardest level, five 12 sided dice randomly rolled, and you have to multiply all the numbers together in 30 seconds (don't worry there are lots of levels in between). Give it a try now (12x7x4x11x10) and you have 30 seconds! PLYT is an award-winning family maths game with vastly varying levels of play for any ability. This allows the whole family to play at once with the same degree of challenge (suited to their own maths abilities). Proven to improve numeracy skills significantly in just six weeks PLYT is also recommended by 'Sense of Number' (a leading UK Maths consultancy). PLYT is SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN AGED 4 YEARS AND UP (THOUGH IT IS LEVELLED SO WILL POSE A CHALLENGE EVEN TO ADULTS). Oh and the answer is 36,960